Common Business  Orientation Language

COBOL ( stands for Common Business  Orientation Language) is  a high-level language used for developing business applications. COBOL was developed in 1959 and since then it has been the business language of choice.

The number of COBOL skilled programmers is shrinking because universities, TVET Colleges and private Colleges no longer offer COBOL courses. Young generation is learning Java, JavaScript’s, Python, Ruby etc. According to COBOL Cowboys, 200 billion line of COBOL code are still in use today and run 85% of business transections such as balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, etc.

As many COBOL experienced programmers are retiring,  other moving into non-development role like management. This creates a biggiest opportunity for students to learn COBOL in order to develop new application to support existing COBOL programs and to support with application mordinasation.

About the Course

Level: 5 Credits : 10

Target Audience

  • Individuals with matric maths ( D symbol )
  • Graduates who have done  it and are interested in the COBOL programming world like to change who have done it and would like to change their careers.
  • Employees who are interested in COBOL programming.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what a computer is and its components.
  • Full understanding of how the computer operates and works.
  • Differentiate between batch and online programme.
  • Be able to design a computer program using tools such as flowcharts and Nassi- Shneiderman charts.
  • Understanding of the COBOL programme structure.
  • COBOL statements such as MOVE, ADD have a good knowledge of SUBSTRACT, DIVIDE, etc.
  • Be able to write a structured computer programme using COBOL as a procedural.
  • Be able to debut and test COBOL programme.
  • Good understanding of what is a JCL and be able to execute batch programmes using JCL.