About Us

Bit a Byte Academy of Information Technology is a full time and part time training services provider. We are a accredited services provider register with ICT, SETA and ITUC.

Our aim is to create an environment where ideas connect to innovative solutions  by building relationships with our stakeholders, (accreditation providers, other training services providers, I.T companies, departments and  mentors).

To be the great I.T training services provider in five years time by creating an environment where ideas can connect. We will achieve this by building good relationships with our customers, employees, mentors and other stakeholders ( such as accreditation providers, other I.T training services providers, I.T companies, departments, our sponsors etc.

Our Values


We are proud to be members of Bit a Byte Academy and contributing to its success. We take pride in what we do and our contribution to Bit a Byte Academy and the whole of South Africa. We take pride our students and their success.


We respect others feeling, opinions, rights and abilities even if they are different from ours. We respect our colleagues and students without accepting and delivering average or poor performance.


We are obliged to do what we believe is right, fair and just. We are also answerable for the consequences of our decision and actions.


We want to be the must trusted I.T training services provider by building confidence and belief  in the integrity, fairness and reliability of our training process.

This will be achieved by:

  • Doing business with people and companies we know and trust.
  • Being members of accredited qualification authorities
  • By acquiring experienced facilitators with good track records.
  • Keep records of legal documents and contracts.
  • Doing business with people that say they are going to do it excellence and truthfulness.
  • By hiring honest people with good personal integrity

  • By being honest with our customers, students and stakeholders.
  • Being honest and keep promises.
  • Having interest in our clients above our own.
  • Being honest in our communication and in our conduct.
  • We are transparent with our client. We aware that once trust in gone it is very hard to get it back, If you ever get it back. So its very important that once we have built trust its very important to keep it.